"There are some words that toll off the tongue so smoothly that you just want to say them again and again for the sheer joy of it.  My own two favourites are mugwump and ragamuffin, and in this hilarious book, Felice Arena has collected a whole lot more. Words like bumbershoot and wishy-washy and hullabaloo and, of course, poo!

Accompanied by Tom Jellett’s bold illustrations, this is a book that celebrates the sounds of our language as well as introducing a whole range of vocabulary for each word is real and has its definition included at the end. It invites the reader to contribute their own favourites and this, in turn, sets up the opportunity to play with rhythm with a voice orchestra. 


Have small groups of children repeat a word over and over -its syllables will give the rhythm – and then combine them to make something magical.  Imagine the combinations if your EALD students added their favourite words in their language – and taught the others what they meant.

Books should be entertaining and this is indeed, that!"


"That’s what this riotously funny book is all about – the magic of weird and wonderful words. Tom Jellett’s always distinctive illustrations fill each page with glorious colour and vibrancy and the children will just lap it all up. The addition of a glossary to inform the reader of meanings of the crazy words is a superb touch!

This will easily springboard into an ongoing word wall with some little word detectives sleuthing out some additional unusual, quirky or obsolete words to build into their burgeoning vocabularies. I’m pretty sure that it will also be a pretty simple step towards moving away from ‘POO!’ into something far more hilarious for common usage – ‘bumbershoot’ perhaps?

Highly recommended for fun and learning for little – or even bigger – readers from around 3 years upwards."

-Sue Warren, Teacher-Librarian



Better Reading Kids love POO!

"POO and Other Words That Make Me Laugh is a great book to read aloud and share with children. Hence, there is a read aloud with Miss 4, in my story today! We've read the book many times now, and she is always in fits of giggles."  - Rita, Educator, Literacy Specialist & Mother of two.

"At last! A literary bum book that even a Literature professor would be proud to buy for a child. It starts as it means to go on:

“These words make me laugh —





 A helpful glossary at the back of the book explains that bumbershoot is an old-fashioned word for umbrella. And bumfuzzle is a verb meaning confuse or puzzle. There are another 50 or so delightful words in here to introduce to children.

 Jellett’s illustrations are, as usual, lively and brilliant with vibrant colours and cute faces sniggering over their favourite naughty words." 

-Zewlan Moor, Story Links

Poo And Other Words


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