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Ruby and Oliver live next door and have been best friends since forever. They're an upbeat and fun-loving pair who celebrate everyday adventures at school, at home, in the backyard and at the beach. These funny stories are all about kids being kids where imagination, humour and play rule!


"A key feature of all the books in the series is also play, and the power and importance of letting kids immerse themselves in imaginative play. Author Felice Arena has said of his brainstorming process in coming up with the series:


“How about two best friends – besties – who share in everyday adventures at home, in their backyards, and at school? And what if I make sure that the stories are not over-complicated and weighed down in heavy narrative, or bound by over-the-top plots and jeopardy? What if the dialogue and action was entertaining and visually engaging?”


And, truly, every idea Arena mentions above has been nailed in the series. These are books about everyday life. They are not overly complicated and the dialogue and action is HIGHLY entertaining and visually engaging.

If you know junior readers just starting to read independently, I highly recommend checking out The Besties series. " - Kids Books Review Dot Com.    PERFECT FOR READERS AGED 5 - 9

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