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Children's Book Council of Australia

Shortlisted for the YABBA, KOALA and KROC AWARDS - 2019

When the river rises and the city of Paris begins to disappear under water, Frederic decides to help those who can’t help themselves. But as his heroic acts escalate, so does the danger. Frederic will have to battle an escaped zoo animal and fight off pickpockets and looters but as the waters subside, can he find justice for his father and find out what courage really means?

"Arena’s style keeps the story moving at a great pace, and keeps the reader turning those pages.  It is a story of intrigue and adventure, reminding me of some of the classic junior adventures of old." READING TIME
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“Fearless Frederic is a wonderful concoction of adventure, murder, theft, revenge, heroism and of great friends who help each other overcome the odds... Fearless Frederic is high adventure, fast paced & hard to put down..” -- Better Reading

“Fearless Frederic is an absorbing slice of history; a glimpse at the ugly side of humanity that also spotlights human resilience and tenacity and is as humorous as it is gripping.” - Dimity Powell, Boomerang Books Blog

"An amazing book for fans of historical fiction!" - Seamus Hadfield, 10, Herald Sun Newspaper.

"This is a wonderful book for younger readers, recreating a fascinating moment in French history." - Troy Lennon, The Daily Telegraph

"Felice Arena has officially gained a new fan, I just finished Fearless Frederic and I want him to write at least one more book about Frederic and his friends (including the homeless boy) asap.  I read a lot of children’s chapter books, but none have been quite like this one, its story is fresh and real, with an injection of history that brings it all into a well paced adventure." - LIttleBigREADS.COM

"Younger readers will enjoy the exploits, and older readers (especially Francophiles) will connect to the references to French literature and culture. Regardless of the age of the reader, they will recognise the naive quality of the trusty trio and the hint of humour in their risky endeavours." - ReadPlUS.COM

"Felice has a really dEft way of weaving adventure, history and realistic fiction together in a manner that appeals to both genders." - Just So Stories Blog

"It's Terrific! We are recommending it for teachers who've been asking for middle grade novel with substance that isn't too long (intimidating). Big Demand. Thank you for finding a way to deliver both!" - Little Bookroom, Melbourne

“Fearless Frederic is a great read. This is a fast-paced historical fiction novel set in early twentieth century Paris during the floods. Tragedy. Heroic acts. A good old-fashioned yarn. We need more books like this!” - Paul, The Children’s Bookshop, Beecroft.


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