Drawings and Verse by Felice Arena


Art always played an integral part in Felice's life. As a child and teenager he constantly drew cartoons for his family and friends. In his final year at high school, Felice excelled at HSC Art. While studying to be a primary school teacher at university he majored in Art for children, focussing on watercolours, illustration, photography and mixed media.


During the 90s his paintings were sold in shopping mall galleries and to private buyers both in the UK and the US.  

In 2007, Felice illustrated his first picture book 'Sally and Dave - A Slug Story'. This book was published in Australia (Penguin Random House), China and the US.  In 2009/10 he also illustrated the Farticus Maximus and Stick Dudes series (Scholastic Australia & Scholastic UK).


When he's not writing for children of all ages, Felice continues to paint, draw, and sketch. He has an online store Happy By Name as a way to showcase his ongoing love for creating art. 

As well as illustrating and drawing, Felice also loves to write poems. Over the years, Felice has filled up many notebooks with countless ditties, verse, and songs. As a child he loved watching and listening to Pam Ayres and was always inspired by the great Shel Silverstein. Felice has always been drawn (excuse the pun!) to playing with words as seen in his recent picture book 'Poo And Other Words that Make Me Laugh!' (Published January 2021) and his original songs for The Besties series.

Recently Felice has been posting his fun verse-sketches on his social media platforms. One day they might end up in a book, but for now he will also regularly post some of his faves here. So make sure to check back soon. :)

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Art by Felice